Public Health Engineer Department Tender Notice

 Public Health Engineer Department Tender Notice
Sealed tenders based on item/ percentage rates are hereby invited on relevant MRS of Finance Department for the works mentioned below from the eligible contractors/ firms enlisted/ renewed for the year 2016-17 with Public Health Engineering Department as well as registered with Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA).
Tender request should be accompanied with original copies of Enlistment/ upto date Renewal Letter, Fee Receipt,E PC License for 2016 and copy of NIC, Authority Letter on pad form of the contractor/ firm along with registered Partnership Deed, attested Power of Attorney on stamp paper along with prescribed Tender Fee,

The tender/ bidding documents are available and will be issued by the Divisional Head Clerk of this office during the office hours on payment of Tender Fee as admissible under the rules.
Tender rates and amounts should be filled in figures as well as in words. Tender should be signed as per general direction given in the tender documents.
Tenders will be received in the office of Commissioner, Sargodha Division, Sargodha, up to 01.00 pm on the date of receiving of tenders and will be opened after 30 minutes by the Tender Committee in the presence of intending contractors or their representatives.
Conditional tenders will not be accepted. As per directions of PPRA Rules undersigned have the rights to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
Tenders not accompanied with 2% Estimated Price in the shape of Deposit Call of Scheduled Bank, will not be entertained.
The bidding documents are available in the office of the undersigned and same may be obtained subject to payment of cost of the printing and provision of the documents which is Rs. 2,000/-“As per amendments by the Finance Department Notification No RO (Tech) FD 1-2/2010 dated 04-09-2012 in tender document/ contract form for execution of works”.

The lowest evaluated bidder will have to deposit Additional Performance Security from the Scheduled Bank equal to the tender amount below Estimated Cost within 15 days of receipt of notice or within expiry period of the bid whichever is earlier.
Performance Security as per PPRA Rules 2014, Clause No 56, Chapter VIII will be applicable.
Last date for issuance of tenders is upto 06-12-2016 and tenders will be received on 07-12-2016 at 01:00 pm in Office of the Worthy Commissioner, Sargodha Division, Sargodha and will be opened after thirty minutes. Tender Fee: Rs. 2,000/-Time Limit: 12 Months 
Sr. No. Name of Scheme/ Works E-Cost E-Money T.S. No. and Date

Water Supply Scheme Kalial UC Khura Trial Bore, Bore with Submersible Pump, Pumping Machinery, Rising 23.579 (M) 1587/B Main and Distribution System, Ground Storage Tank 20,000 Gallons 0.471 (M) Dt: 03-09-2016 Capacity, Semi-Circular Pumping Chamber for G.S Tank. O.H.R 10,000 Gallons Capacity and other allied work.
Water Supply Scheme Jhunge Walan of UC Khabaki Trial Bore Tubewell and its Conversion, Pump House 12’x12′ Pumping 22.398 (M) 1590/B Machinery, Rising Main and Distribution System, O.H.R 10,000 Gallon 0.447 (M) Dt: 009-203-16 Capacity and other allied work.
PCC Slab/ Drainage Scheme Botala Sullage Carrier, Construction of PCC Slab, Construction of Surface 19.417 (M) 1584/B Drain and other allied work 0.388 (M) Dt: 03-09-2016 
Post for Temporary Work Charge Establishment Applications for daily based Temporary Work Charge Employees on prescribed government approved wages for supervision of works on different Schemes will be received in this office upto 01-12-2016.
Applicant must be physically fit. Sd/- EXECUTIVE ENGINEER Public Health Engineering Division, Khushab (IPL-13861)public-health-engineer-department-tender-notice

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